Getting To Know Your Land 

2020 saw the highest demand for U.K Land in recent years, with an increased requirement for outdoor living and suburban life as opposed to city centre flats and apartments. Freeholders with a fair sized plot could be sitting on a valued asset and transacting on that can be a little daunting at times. Let us help you make an informed plan of action.


Is My Land Suitable For Sale?

Most plots of land can be sold but not all can be put to use in a profitable way, there may be contamination in the ground, it may be part of a Local Authorities "preservation area" or Green Belt, or, the site might simply be too small to put to another use. A freehold plot over 1000 Sq Meters, in a  fairly desirable location is an excellent starting point for consideration.


A tip to note - if selling the land of your 'principal private residence' (in other words your garden) the sale in many cases can be *TAX FREE. The land cannot be used for any commercial activity - carwash, fruit stalls, car repairs etc...

*You must consult with a professional tax advisor before carrying out any land sale and this doesn't constitute as tax advise

Do I Need Planning Permission?

How Do I Value My Land?

Planning Permission is not a prerequisite for sale, it does automatically increase the lands value. Obtaining planning permission from the Local Housing Authority is the risky part as there are no guarantees that it will be granted and small errors  or oversights can prove to be extremely costly. We suggest you work with a skilled team, familiar with navigating the planning application maze.

The true value of land can only be established once you figure out what can be placed on it. This means that a 10 acre plot could be less valuable than a 1 acre plot if the 1 acre plot has a valuable development permitted. Figuring out your lands true value is done by establishing what the end product will be and then removing all development costs to leave you with the lands true value.  Our team specialise in land appraisals.

What Is The Best Way To Sell My Land?

There are many ways to sell land and we do all we can to facilitate our clients needs. The most profitable way for our clients is via what’s known as a “Promotion Agreement”. This process skyrockets your earning potentials from 10’s of thousands to potentially 100’s of thousands.

Here’s a summary of how it works -

We secure your land for a period of up to 2 years, during that period our expert team will apply for planning permission, working closely with your local authority. Our architect will draw up plans for a potential scheme. Once planning is approved, we would look to sell to a prequalified developer.

All this is done at ZERO COST to yourself. We take on ALL risk and costs which can range from £10,000 - £100,000+ depending on the scheme. Profits are then split 70% – 75% in your favour. (If by chance we don't get planning permission, we take no fee).

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We have urgent requirement of all types of land 
Land with and without planning permission
Brownfield and Greenfield Sites
Gardens and small lots
Land with dilapidated or vacant buildings
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Our Simple Process

  • A free consultation to understand your requirements and goals

  • Internal investigative work using secondly our expert panel

  • If all parties are happy, an offer will be made outlining the terms of purchase 

  • Contracts exchanged - including approximate timeline if planning permission is needed first.

  • Land purchased at agreed amount

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